HoCo Dads has given my husband opportunities to connect to other Dads with and without our children. Allowing him to find meaningful friendships that he may not have otherwise be able to form. Meanwhile, it has helped him give back to Dad’s with younger children, connect to Dads in a similar stage of life, and find advice from Dads with older children. Every day I can see the positive impacts on my husband’s mental health and confidence.

For my children, it has helped them connect with other children their age and has given them the opportunity to participate in various fun and educational activities. HoCo Dads has fostered a positive environment that boosts family values and supports the entire family. HoCo Dads connects and supports Dads from all walks of life and every stage of fatherhood, from expecting Dad’s to Grandfathers. They continue to provide outreach to the community to support those in need and give back in countless ways.

All around, HoCo Dad’s has a positive impact on Dads from all stages of parenthood, children, families, and the community. The fathers of this group should proud of their hard work and positive impact on their community.



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