Crabtowne USA : seafood, arcade, & beer. Let’s do it!

On October 11th we teamed up with Baltimore Dads Group and met up in Glen Burnie at Crabtowne USA, a cool seafood restaurant that has an arcade with over 95 Vintage Games.
We had a solid turnout on a raining night. There was a good mix of the usual suspects. But there’s nothing like meeting some new dads as well.

Good Food

Most of us came for the beer and the games, but the food was actually pretty good. Crab cakes, burgers, and fries were all a hit. This is a great place to throw down with unlimited crabs feast options. 

Hey! Look what I found!

Over 95 Vintage Games

The arcade was much bigger than I expected. Even better, they kept most of the prices at 25 or 50 cents. Five dollars in quarters was plenty to hit the childhood classics.

Where to Next?

Check out our calendar to join us on the next monthly Dads Night Out. Have a any suggestions on where we should go next? Comment below.