COVID Update for Events:

We're following COVID guidelines set by Howard County Health Department & hosting all events virtually until HCPSS has school 100% in person.

What We Do: Our Focus Areas

Throughout the year our programming is carried out by these programs to put our fatherhood advocacy mission into action.
Daddy and Me Logo

Daddy and Me

Events & Ideas to Make Memories

Events, advice, and activity ideas to offering bonding time so dads came make the best of all of their family time.

Dad Packages

Dad Packages

Supporting New & Expecting Dads

Offering free goodies to congratulate local dads with support, resources, and a little HoCo Dad swag.

Cool Dads Unite

Cool Dads Unite

Bringing Local Fathers Together

Dad only events, content, and resources that build much needed camaraderie among local fathers.

Dad Power Ups Logo

Dad Power-Ups

Helping Those in Need Among Us

Our group strives to help and support the most vulnerable in our community. Parenthood alone is hard enough. We're here to help.

Recent Blog Posts

By the Dads & For the Dads: Advice, Event Recaps & Reviews

Celebrating Father’s Day

As everyone spends Father’s Day acknowledging great men in our lives, we’ll be using the HoCo Dads platform to showcase your families’ photos as a way to honor local dads with our spotlight.

Event Planning & Discussion

Anyone can join this informal meeting to discuss ideas for in person events for the rest of the year If you would like to host a get together soon then please also come on in so we can discuss.