Ohana of Howard County is on a mission to empower local high school students to overcome barriers and achieve self-defined success while building up the community, but they are in need of 40 mentors for their upcoming cohort. If you’re looking for ways to give back to the community, this is a great opportunity to help!

What is Ohana & what do they do?

Ohana means family, and they support our youth by strengthening their community bonds and network of influence, as a family does. Ohana builds community around each participant by developing relationships with people who are outside our normal social circles. Each kid gets three mentors.

Each of their kids needs three wonderful mentors to kickoff in December.

The program needs 40 more mentors to ensure that we are serving all of our mentees, both returning mentees and the new ones we are going to bring in December formally. They’re working toward a Howard County where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and pursue happiness, while segregation and isolation are reduced for all.

All your support on this would truly be a huge help. I am happy to talk to groups of people, meet with people one on one, and whatever else to get the right mentors in this program for our wonderful students.