Have you enjoyed our events in 2019 so far? We’ll we’re just getting started and the warm weather will allow us to do more outdoors. For those that would like to get involved and help further the organization, we welcome your help. We have a big need and lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved in Howard County Dads’ mission to promote fatherhood engagement. Weather you’re a dad, mom, uncle, grandparent, or a student looking for community service hours, we could use your help. Now are a few needs we have now. Reach out to the DadBoD at thedads@howardcountydads.com if you’re interested or have questions.


Dads Night Out Planner

We host monthly outings, usually Thursday nights. A planner would propose locations each month and coordinate logistics with businesses and post the event details online. If you’re interested in planning a Dads Night Out event, send us an email at thedads@howardcountydads.com.

Dinner Meetups

As a main fundraiser, we’ll begin doing monthly dinners at local restaurants. If you enjoyed our holiday dinner party at UNOs, evovling that experience into a recurring event is our plan. Tasks involve proposing & coordinating locations, posting events online, and incorporating food bank donation drives. If you’re interested in planning a dinner, send us an email at thedads@howardcountydads.com.

Playground Meetup Planner

Now that winter is over, we want to get the dads out. Based on different age groups, we’d like to have a few leads driving different categories (0-2, preschoolers, 5-8, Stay at Home vs. Working Dad schedules). Tasks would involve picking time and locations, posting details online, and encouraging play dates. If you’re interested in starting off with one meetup event, send us an email at thedads@howardcountydads.com.

Poker Night

This monthly activity is growing in popularity and we could use some coordination help. Tasks involve coordinating with the host, keeping players informed, posting details online, getting the supplies to the host (table, chips, cards). If you’re interested in helping out with a game, send us an email at thedads@howardcountydads.com.


Event Photography

Pro, rookie, student, or just another parent with some free hands and a smartphone, you can help! We’ve been doing a great job of getting the group together, but our hands are usually full. If you’d like to make sure we capture photos and video from all the events, that would go a long way in showing the community our impact to grow our reach.

Running the Numbers

Got a knack for metrics and statistics? We’re sitting on a lot of analyzed data for our events, social media engagement, web site behaviors, and email newsletters. We could use help organizing a monthly report on performance and growth areas.


If you have a relevant dad story worth sharing, work with us to get it published as a blog article on our site. Alternatively, if you have a blog or always wanted one, you may be able to cross-post to our audience. Shoot us an email to discuss if it’s a good fit.