Since December we have been building our corporate foundation. We an amazing group of dads that became essential contributors to Howard County Dads throughout 2018. I’m proud to announce the following as the inaugural directors of Howard County Dads Inc.

Josh, founder

Josh Benson, Chair

Looking for a way to crowd source ways to have fun with his sons, Josh created an online platform for dads to connect. That platform quickly grew into a local movement with social and charitable events, charity

Joe Russo, Vice Chair

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Joe was one of the first to get wind of the Howard County Dads movement. He hopped in to action and really helped shape it into what it is today. From hosting our marshmallow shooter craft session to sharing great tips on the blog, Joe has been our visionary.

Follow Joe on Instagram: @jcrusso

Shawn Eccleston, Treasurer

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Shawn came across Howard County Dads and appreciated having a place for dads to enjoy the comradery that moms have had for years. His feedback, support, and familiarity with the area advanced our daddy and me activities.

Mark Malby, Director

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You won’t find many that love being a dad more than this guy. Mark runs the Baltimore Dads Group and we began to cross-post events for both groups in spring of 2018. Marks passion for fatherhood and men’s mental health is unmatched. He’s a crucial part of keeping events on the calendar and coordinating our Dads Night Out and play space events.

Brent MacAloney, Director

Brent is one of a kind. He is the exemplar of a modern dad. Every weekend he takes his kids on a half dozen adventures and experiences – from ballparks to rock concerts. Sit back and take note, this running a master class on how to enjoy fatherhood.

Follow Brent on Twitter: @SNOW_WxMan

Dylan Drudul, Director

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Dylan is our go-getter. He takes the groups ideas and spurs them into action. He’s the force behind our first Dads Night Out, Dinner Party Fundraiser, Playground meet-up and more. His love for fatherhood is apparent and we’re lucky to have him in the DadBoD.

Follow Dylan on Twitter: @phishin4pebbles

Follow Dylan onInstagram: @phishin4pebbles