Dads, grab your hammers! Want to get involved in a volunteer project? Want to learn or practice some building/construction skills? The Community Ecology Institute (CEI) in Columbia is looking for a team to help build a new chicken coop for their farm, The Freetown Farm! The CEI is still a work in progress, but it seems like it will be an excellent place for kids and families – a great outdoor adventure and learning facility for kids, with gardens, small farm plots, and even a couple beehives. They are looking to eventually add nature paths for kids, a repair cafe, and a maker space. All the tools and knowledge you’ll need for a project, without having to buy the tools or make room for them. The goal is to partner with CEI in a way in which we can both benefit long term.

This is the chicken coop we have plans to build for CEI

We’re looking to start in October and finish by mid-November. I have the plans for the chicken coop that they want (see photo). I am starting to explore ways to get the supplies to build it.

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Is anyone interested in doing this with me? Let me know. Reach out to us using our Contact Us Form or leave a comment below.

More about CEI

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CEI’s purchased the last working farm in Columbia, Maryland with the promise to protect it from ever becoming developed. The vision for the property is to make it a place where people can learn through hands-on experiences how to live happier, healthier, more connected and sustainable lives.