Howard County Dads is all about bringing dads and families together. As we enter the holiday season at the end of this exceptionally different year, we were looking for a way for our HCD community to be able to come together and show our pride and camaraderie, despite the fact that we can’t get together in person. It’s been hard for the “Cool Dads” to “Unite” this year, as our motto exclaims, though our community has persevered and banded together to get us all through the mess that has been 2020. 

But despite the challenges and uncertainty of this year, one thing is for sure – Howard County is full of cool dads! Cool dads (and let’s not forget moms, grandparents, and caregivers) who have been killing it this year despite lots of changes in work, school, home life, etc. So, we decided to come up with some new Howard County Dads apparel to celebrate these dads this year and beyond. 

All-New Gear

Our new “Shop Merch” area of our website showcases our first release of new HCD wearable offerings. This line, all available at-cost, boasts the HCD motto of “Cool Dads Unite” with our new “shades” design sporting some sweet aviator glasses with the dad/son silhouette from our logo that just screams “cool”.

The Dad’s line includes t-shirts (available in black or slate blue), several cap designs (both traditional baseball cap and a trucker hat), a winter beanie, and socks – all calling cool dads you meet to unite.

Dad Shirts

These shirts are a great way to tell the dad in your life that he’s awesome – and to let him let everyone else know that he’s part of the HCD family. The design displays the “Cool Dads Unite” shades design on the front and the HCD seal on the left sleeve.


Whether the dad in your life wears a beat-up hat every day, as a chic fashion statement, or to cover his bare head – these new “Cool Dads Unite” shades caps (available in traditional baseball cap or trucker style) will be sure to be a hit.

The baseball (or “dad”) cap is navy blue with the “Cool Dads Unite” shades design stitched on the front and the HCD silhouette on the right side.
The trucker style is a solid black front panel with the “Cool Dads Cool Dads Unite Trucker HatUnite” shades design stitched and white mesh around the sides and back for supreme breathability. Talk about cool!

Keeping Warm

It doesn’t get too cold in Maryland, but when it does it’s always great to have a nice warm winter hat (or beanie or “toque”). Enter this awesome knit black hat sporting the “Cool Dads Unite” shades design stitched on the front. Just what the dad in your life needs to keep his ears warm while he’s out hanging those holiday lights.

These awesome black and white socks, with the “Cool Dads Unite” shades design on the side are a fun way to complete the “Cool Dad” ensemble. Keep those dad feet warm with these fun stocking stuffers.

We didn’t forget get the kids

Cool Like Dad

Of course, nothing makes a dad prouder than seeing his little guy(s) or girl(s) showcasing their love for daddy. So, make the dad in your life’s heart grow three sizes with these special shirts for the kiddos that let everyone know that they’re “Cool Like Dad”. He’ll love to see his mini-me strutting around in a matching shirt – happily letting the world know that he’s the MAN.

Let your little ones dress like dad with these matching kids’ shirts. Available in black or blue, these shirts sport the “Cool Like Dad” shades design on the front. Available in onesies (left), toddler (middle), and youth (right) sizes.

Order Gifts While There’s Time

So, surprise the dad in your life this holiday season with some of these awesome new HCD wearables and let the world know that he’s a cool dad.

What do you think?

Be sure to drop us a line via email or social media to let us know what you think of these designs – especially be sure to share photos and videos of your favorite dad sporting his new gear using #CoolDadsUnite.