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We offer Dad Packages to local dads that recently extended their families. We are offering advice, congratulating them, and showing them they’re appreciated in the community. Our mission is to encourage dads to come together and be great as a group in the most important job we’ll have – Fatherhood.

Dad Packages are strictly for expectant dads or with kids under 12 months old that live in and around Howard County. One package per dad. Resources are limited and supply is never guaranteed.

Packages include:

  • Men’s Shirt – Howard County Dads Logo
  • Charlie Rides – a Daddy & Me themed children’s board book
  • For My Dad – a book of inspirational messages for dads
  • Reusable Grocery Bag – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
  • Howard County Dads Brochure – highlighting our program offerings
  • 3 Dad Tip Cards: Advice for New Dads, Importance of Fathers, How to Level Up
  • HoCo Dads Decals – Cool Dads Unite, Dad Tech Support
  • The Basics flyer – sign up for weekly advice to maximize kids’ learning potential
  • Talk With Me handout – teach your kid through talking and reading to them
  • Advice – You’ll get emails with advice from local dads
He got his, did you get yours?

This was made possible by local individual contributions and corporate support. Thank you to the following companies for sponsoring Howard County Dads this year:

Dad Package