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DIY Escape Rooms from Lock Paper Scissors

Need a Last Minute Mother’s Day Surprise? I’m trying these at-home escape room kits that should make for fun stay-home dates and family game nights.

My wife loved doing escape rooms for a date night, but we haven’t been able to enjoy them during the pandemic. I bought their VIP kit as an extra surprise gift on Mother’s Day. It was $99, includes all of their games for adults, kids, and any future ones that they release. If she doesn’t like it, there’s a refund guaranteed; no questions asked.

Envy Escape Kit – $29: we’ll try this one for a date night. It requires players to solve 10 challenges and combine the results into a Police Report, revealing the culprit. It requires players to have a phone with reception.

Escape Room VIP Box – $99: You can get 6 Escape Room Kits in one bundle & get every game they ever make. They also throw in lots of extras like holiday party packs & games.

How These Do Escape Room Kits Work?

Download one of the escape kits, print it out as standard photos or on your home printer. Then place the puzzle cards around your venue by following the setup guide. If you want to overachieve you move the different clue cards to relevant parts of the room/house, add costumes, and decorate the space based on the game’s theme. Learn more here.