Didnt Know About the Library

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Howard County Libraries

The Howard County Library System has always been decent, but the last few years of renovations have taken things to a new level. What do you love about our library system? Comment below. 

3. DIY Center | Elkridge

“Honey, when you swing by the library be sure to pick up the aerator and cultivator” photo credit: HCLibrary.org

Did you know you could check out handyman tools at your local library? Or a sewing machine. How about a cake decorating turntable? Yep! Elkridge’s new and DIY Center has tools for household repair, gardening, cooking/baking items, and bike maintenance.

It doesn’t stop with checking out a miter saw as easy as a book. The Elkridge Branch has launched adult classes hosted in their new DIY Ed Studio. This is a mess-friendly classroom and workspace. 

You do need a separate library card, but my wife has already tried it out. She was able to get a new card, get some baking pans and get out of there in 10 minutes. There are some more good ones on this list, but the DIY center takes the cake!