Mustafa, a loving and devoted Howard County dad

Mustafa Al-Adhami found out he was becoming a father the night before his PhD dissertation defense, and his first priority has been his son ever since. Although he has a younger sister, Mustafa had never been responsible for caring for a child before becoming a father, and his worry about whether he could do it grew as his wife’s due date approached. However, from the moment his son was born, he was a natural! Mustafa and his son enjoy dancing together, building Legos, and playing silly games. Mustafa never hesitates to put his toddler first: One particularly fond memory came when Mustafa was shaving and his son walked in with a book. Mustafa sat on the bathroom floor with him, shaving cream still on his face, and read “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?” for the thousandth time. He is able to do all of this despite the physical, mental, and emotional demands of founding and leading a biomedical device start-up in Baltimore. He is a loving and devoted Howard County dad!

Mustafa Al-Adhami
Astek Diagnostics

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