Every first Saturday, The Home Depot has a kids workshop event. Somehow it’s becoming the unofficial monthly Howard County Dads play date. With the mix of a kids event and handy dads, it just works for our crew.

It’s all free, first come, first served. You get a free apron, certificate, and a commemorative pin for the project each month.

Most of us go to the Columbia location. It starts at 9 and ends at 11 (or earlier if they run out).

Tips From the Dads

“We showed up at 10:30am and they ran out of the fish game project. They gave us a leftover project from last month. Go early, even with a registration”

– Brenton M.

“There’s no point in registering. It’s all first come first served. And it’s a bit of a free for all. But if you can manage the chaos, the kids like it. You, depending on how many times you get hit with a hammer, maybe not so much.”

– Joe R.

“You and your kids get to build a project together for FREE. We’ll be at the Columbia location. Just a suggestion get there early as it gets busy!!”

– Shawn E.

Have you ever been? Come out to the next one. Share your workshop photos and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.n