Some of the schools have especially low enrollment for two of their programs: Pre-K and Peers. Office of Early Childhood Programs encourages our families to learn about the programs and apply or inform others that would be interested.
Please note that the Pre-K program requires families to be income-eligible (Free and Reduced Meals). The Peers program is usually half-day 4 days a week and has a nominal monthly fee associated with it.

Pre-K Program

The HCPSS Pre-K program is a high-quality, half-day prekindergarten program. Students must be four years old by September 1, 2019 to be considered for enrollment in fall 2019. The comprehensive curriculum taught by certified staff supports early learning and school readiness and provides experiences that foster children’s academic, social, emotional and physical development. Priority enrollment is given to students of disadvantaged economic status, homelessness and foster care.
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Peers, Learn Together Program

HCPSS’ Learning Together Program helps develop kindergarten readiness skills for children, ages 3 and 4, with and without disabilities. The Learning Together Program has served the HCPSS community for more than 25 years, by offering young children opportunities to play and learn with each other, and benefit from a diverse and stimulating classroom environment.
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