Here are 5 ways the HoCo Dads have been keeping the whole family moving while practicing social distancing. Then we’ll share a quick fire list provided by Howard County Office of Children and Families.

1. Just Dance on YouTube

Yes, the games we all had on Nintendo Wii in 2009. Pull up a Just Dance or Dance Central playlist on YouTube, put it on the big screen for an instant dance party the whole house will enjoy.

It’s fun cardio and there are tons of songs/playlists. A coworker shared this type and we tried it out. It’s quick, easy and a brilliant trick to pull out and channel kids mid-tantrum.

2. Running

It doesn’t need to be far, but jogging down to a stop sign and back between activities can turn into a fun way to break up the day.
If they really get into it, you can train for a virtual 5k.

We can’t convince our kids to jog on a regular basis, so we’ve been jogging behind their Power Wheels twice a day.

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt

The Howard County Conservancy has put together a great list of activities along with their own Nature Scavenger Hunt printouts.
My family has enjoyed doing them using these bags we keep by the door.

4. Online Exercise Classes for Kids

There are lots of content creators kicking out quality workouts for kids. Here are some notables on YouTube: Cosmic Yoga, Zumba Kids, Kidz Bop Dance
Here’s a great lineup of kids friendly workout classes, some streaming live on weekdays.

5. Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

Grab some chalk and make it as long as you can. Even team up with neighbors to keep extending it for surprise additions. Just make sure to check the forecast so it lasts more than a day.

3 More Ideas from Parent Pages

We got these from the Parent Pages Newsletter. Thanks to the team running the Howard County Office of Children and Families. They are creating monthly Parents Pages, even through this health crisis. It’s been packed with local and free parenting resources. If you don’t subscribe, we highly recommend it. Sign up here.


Travis Hudson · April 12, 2020 at 10:13 am

Rising Tide Academy ( started conducting classes via Zoom. Usually I only get to watch my son in class but now we get to work out together. The instructors are really great.

    Josh Benson · April 12, 2020 at 10:19 am

    Nice recommendation. I’m glad you’re enjoying doing it together. It’s been cool that this time has gotten me more acquainted and familiar with my kids’ teachers, class material and activities.

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