We’re all figuring out this distance learning thing. I was looking for more insight into how my elementary students were doing with their virtual math classwork. I found a feature called the Dreambox Family Dashboard and is pretty simple to set up.

Set Up Parent Access

Here’s the quick how-to: once your kid is logged in, look in the bottom right corner for a link labeled “set up parent access”. Follow the steps to create your account. Detailed instructions can be found here on the Dreambox site.

Once logged in, click the parent access link in the bottom right.

Parent Features

Once you set up an account, you can track all of your kids in The Family Dashboard to track student progress, adjust your account settings, and assign lessons.
I wanted more insight into what they were doing and how they were performing without hovering over my kids’ shoulders. The following 3 features helped: usage metrics, certificates, and email alerts.

Usage Metrics

You can track the growth, time spent, and lesson completion information for each of your students from one dashboard.

Printable Certificates of Achievement

Dreambox will send personalized printable certificates via email to parents when the kids reach milestones.

We got this via email alert as soon as my son completed a series of pirate-themed math exercises.

Email Alerts

The best part is that you don’t have to remember to go in and check this all the time. You’ll get email alerts when something happens and as your kid(s) progress through the program.

How is your homeschoooling going?

I thought I’d share this because we’re all learning on the fly with this distant learning plan. Every teacher and parent is working on different levels of instruction and experience.
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