For those parents who have kids at HCPSS and are getting permissions errors in Chrome or on Chromebooks clicking Google Meet or G Suite on the page, I finally figured out how to resolve this issue.

Does this error look familiar? Yeah, we’re here to help.

The Problem:

The issue here is that kids can’t open these links with their personal or any other Google accounts. This also means they can’t be signed into their Chromebook with a personal Google account.

The Solution:

To get around this you want to log in with your kids’ HCPSS account. Whenever you’re prompted by Google to log in, use your studient’s HCPSS username and add this onto the end”. Then you will be forwarded to the HCPSS email/password login that you’re used to.

In a Hurry:

For a one-time quick fix, this may work mileage may vary depending on device/browser). When you get the permission error, click “Switch Accounts”. Then Google will ask you for an email address. Type (where you enter the HCPSS username in the blank). Then login to HCPSS as usual.

On a Chromebook:

You can set up a new account on the Chromebook that is dedicated only to HCPSS activities and uses the kid’s HCPSS login username and password to get into the account.

In a Chrome Browser:

You can click the user profile in the top right corner of the browser and click “Add” to create a new user. Give it a unique name like, “Kevin School Account”. Be sure to check “create a desktop shortcut for this user”. In the next window choose, “user already has a Google account”. Here you enter (where you enter the HCPSS username in the blank). On your desktop, you should see a new shortcut named “Kevin School Account – Chrome” (or whatever you named it). You will want your kid to click this every time they start homeschooling.
Pro Tip: Agree to the prompt offering to sync settings and passwords. That way their experience is the same across multiple devices.

Did this help?

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