We are a local resource for dads to share advice, activity ideas, and connect with other cool dads. There’s no better time than now for us to be sharing ways to capitalize on these strange times. These Dad Spotlight videos highlight some of the cool activities we’ve recently seen in our group.

Here are some highlights from our Dad Spotlights. Enter your own by emailing us your videos.
We took a moment to focus on Black Dads recently for Dad Spotlights.

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Share with us how some of you are coping through these unique times. Have any cool ideas for other dads to try?
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Beyond Activities

Beyond activities with kids, how are you doing? Things are really tense and in all aspects of life right now. From finances to colleagues and even our partners, relationships can be extra challenging. How are you finding peace of mind? I personally have found it helpful to exercise or get up before everyone else.