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Be There

Recognize fatherhood as the most important job you will have. Study after study reports a father’s involvement as a major contributing factor in a person’s successful academic, health, financial and mental development.
Being in the same room on your phone doesn’t count. Get down there and help build that fort like only a dad can!

Resolve Your Own Childhood Baggage

Throughout parenthood, things happen that trigger your instincts based on how you were raised. If there was an issue in your past that has gone unchecked, tackle it now. Maybe there are wrongs that left you hurt, bitter, disgruntled, or just haunted. No matter who’s at fault it will come out in your parenting and your relationship.
Address it head-on. No matter the ending resolution, put it to bed and close that chapter, to accept the happiness coming your way. You can’t afford the mental space those things consume.

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Be Patient

Being the most patient in the room as often as possible will improve the whole household’s quality of life. Losing your cool can be easy. Realize that you can’t lose your temper before a toddler, a stranger, or even your partner.
Lead by keeping a cool and rational mindset so love, fun, and respect can follow.

Find Dad Friends

You’ve got to link up with men in the same stage of life. Hanging out with the college buddies isn’t always the same if they’re not parents.
Attend one of our dads only events to meet others. For stay at home dads, we also recommend resources like SAHD – The National At-Home Dad Network.