Howard County’s Recreation & Parks Department offers an extensive list of online activities and programs with their #AtHomeWithHocoRec campaign.

The offerings are in two categories, “Free videos and printouts” and “Online Programs”. They keep adding offerings so it’s best to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Free videos and printouts

You’ll find an inspiring list of resources to break up the monotony of your family’s regularly scheduled activities. Cooking recipes, workout videos, and printable games/activities (e.g. Fairytale Memory Game, nature crossword puzzles).

Online Programs

The Online Programs are not free. They’re the virtual classroom offerings that you can register for at HoCo’s APM website. They correspond well with the free items mentioned above, but give you a live schedule & instruction. They have classes for all ages of kids and adults; from tots discovery to cooking classes.
One of the highlights is the Family Fun Nights that are a meal, dessert, and activity for parents and kids to enjoy together. They’re worth a look to break the routine and to try something new.