There’s some snow coming in & we’re ready for it! Are you? Up for grabs are two snowman kits for you and your kids to build the best snowman in HoCo! Enter now, because winners are picked Saturday at 6 PM!

Toysmith Dress A Snowman Kit
Everything you need to dress up your traditional snowman: Hat, nose, pipe, buttons, eyes & mouth!

To Enter:

Simply fill out this form & submit a photo of you and your kid(s) so we can feature you across the HoCo Dads platform.

Entry Form

By entering the contest, you allow Howard County Dads Inc. to post your photos and videos on its website and social media platforms.

Best Snowman Contest coming Wednesday!

We’ll post info on that by Monday night! Be sure to subscribe to our email updates. The only rule, the snowman must be created by a dad and at least one kid. If it’s too good we’ll need proof! 😀
Make some memories & let’s hope for a lot of snow!