Being a father can be a lot of hard work. That’s why it’s important to keep a good sense of humor. With that in mind, here are some fun books about fatherhood that are sure to brighten every dad’s day. 

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan, who’s best know for his legendary riffs on Hot Pockets, and father of five has penned one of the all-time best books on fatherhood. This book details his experiences of being a father of five living in a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment. From first time parents to empty nesters, everyone will enjoy this explosively funny, no-holds-barred look at fatherhood from the perspective of a comedian and family man who has been in the trenches of childrearing. 

Being A Dad Is Weird: Lessons in Fatherhood from My Family to Yours by Ben Falcone

Written by Ben Falcone, who is best known for being a filmmaker, comedian, and actor. This funny and heartfelt memoir combines stories about his own larger-than-life father and his own experiences as a father of two girls. This hilarious book puts a fresh spin on parenting books. 

You’re Not Doing It Right: Tales of Marriage, Sex, Death, and Other Humiliations by Michael Ian Black

From the comedian who brought you Stella and The State, Michael Ian Black delivers a collection of irreverent essays. His dry humor is hilarious as he recounts his early childhood or his own experiences becoming a father.   This hilarious and heartwarming memoir is sure to relatable for any fun dad. 

Man Vs. Child: One Dad’s Guide to the Weirdness of Parenting by Doug Moe

Mom’s have hundreds of parenting advice books, but what about Dads? Man vs Child is a funny, fresh take on the parenting guide written from a dad’s perspective. This guide for first-time dads tackles the funny, but important questions about fatherhood. 

Confessions of the World's Best Father: Engledow, Dave: 9781592408894: Books

Confessions of the World’s Best Father by Dave Engledow

When Dave Engledow became a father for the first time, he started creating hilarious and photoshopped photos of his daughter. This Father’s Dad coffee table book is a fun collection of these darkly comic images that celebrates the early years of parenthood. This a great gift for any father that won’t settle for anything serious. 

I’m Sorry…Love, Your Husband: Honest, Hilarious Stories From a Father of Three Who Made All the Mistakes (and Made up for Them) by Clint Edwards

Marriage and Kids are No Joke. He may not win Father of the Year, but Clint Edwards has won the hearts of thousands― including the New York Times, Scary Mommy and Good Morning America―thanks to his candor and irreverence when it comes to raising kids, being married and learning from his mistakes.
In this inspiring and unconventional book of essays, he sheds light on the darker yet hilarious side of domestic life. Owning up to all his mishaps and dumbassery, Edwards shares essays on just about every topic fellow spouses and parents can appreciate, including: stupid things he’s said to his pregnant wife, the trauma of taking a toddler shopping, revelations on buying a minivan and the struggle to not fight the nosy neighbor (who is five years old). Clint’s funny, heartwarming account of the terrifying yet completely rewarding life of a parent is a breath of fresh air. Each essay in I’m Sorry…Love, Your Husband will have you thinking finally, someone gets it.

Rocking Fatherhood: The Dad-to Be’s Guide to Staying Cool by Chris Kornelis

Music Journalist Chris Kornelis didn’t know the first thing about pregnancy when his wife gave him the big news. Rocking Fatherhood provides a week-by-week guide to pregnancy for twenty -first century fathers. 

BatDad: A Parody: Wilson, Blake: 9780451495501: Books

BatDad: A Parody by Black Wilson

Life as an everyday superhero when your Batmobile is a minivan, the villains you face are your crazy kids, and your Bat Cave is covered in piles of laundry. One dad who doesn’t need a manual to teach him how to stay cool: Batdad, aka Black Wilson. He became a viral sensation in his videos depicting the daily parenting struggles of one man in a Batman mask. This goofy and funny book is relatable for every parent who has had to juggle children, work and home life. 

This is Ridiculous This is Amazing: Parenthood in 71 Lists by Jason Good

Author and family man Jason Good delivers a laugh-out-loud reminder that everything is easier and more fun when approached with a sense of humor—especially parenting. Each list captures a perfect (or perfectly terrible) aspect of parenthood while wholeheartedly embracing every moment: “You Deserve a Break” offers ideas for downtime, such as giving blood and untangling cords, while “Self-Help from a Three-Year-Old” collects such wisdom as “If you fall down, stay down. Someone will pick you up eventually.” Sweet, sincere, and oh-so-true, this is the ideal gift for parents who could use a laugh. And isn’t that every single one of them?

Father-ish: Laugh-Out-Loud Tales From a Dad Trying Not to Ruin His Kids'  Lives: Edwards, Clint: 9781645671466: Books

Father-ish: Laugh-Out-Loud Tales From a Dad Trying Not to Ruin His Kid’s Lives by Clint Edwards

Clint Edwards, author of the hit book I’m Sorry…Love Your Husband, and the highly anticipated follow up Silence is a Scary Sound, is back with a third collection of essays chronicling honest tales of struggling to raise three young kids, making plenty of parenting mistakes along the way and learning to be a better father. This highly relatable collection gets to the heart of parenting: all those unexpected fails, awkward conversations, and well-intentioned little white lies. Whether you’re a first-time parent unaware of what you’ve gotten yourself into yet, or a father of five, clinging to your last ounce of sanity, you’ll find relief in knowing that at end of the day, we’re all not wearing any pants.

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