Dan, a frequent contributor within our Facebook Group, has been sizing up two local places for family time & wanted to share his analysis to help other dads and hear their perspectives. It was such a great breakdown, we wanted to share it here on the HoCo Dads Blog. Thanks, Dan! If you have advice or an idea worth sharing, let us know! Enjoy & chime in below – Have you been to Six Flags or Adventure Park USA?

I was debating between annual passes for Six Flags America or Adventure Park USA, so we visited both, and here are my findings:

Six Flags America

  • $25 day per ticket
  • $25 parking
  • Season Pass price: $50 for pass, free parking
  • Military discount on the day pass, not on the season pass
  • Food over-priced
  • Food not fresh or local
  • 45-minute drive from Columbia
  • More rides
  • Better rides
  • Not much to ride for kids shorter than 48″
  • Too crowded
  • Park is too large for 7yo (I was anxious)
  • Lines, Waits, Hot
  • Huge Water Park!

Adventure Park USA

  • $50 day/person
  • Free parking;
  • Season Pass price: $200 pass
  • Military discount on both day pass & season pass
  • Food not overpriced
  • Local craft beer
  • 30-minute drive from Columbia
  • A lot of rides for kids shorter than 48″
  • Smaller property, I felt less anxious
  • Shorter lines, not long to wait
  • Hosts private parties
  • Mini Golf course
  • More to do indoors: Bowling, Laser Tag, Ropes Course, Big Arcade

Our Choice

For us, Adventure Park USA works better. Our daughter is young and their park is right-sized with more things she can enjoy! I hope this helps someone else!