The Living Farm Heritage Museum is in West Friendship and is dedicated to preserving farming life and practices found in early to present-day Howard County, Maryland.
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We visited the Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum. When I learned about this place I knew we had to check it out and share it with you all

What’s There?

As the name states, there is a museum. There’s also a blacksmith shop and various programs and events throughout the year. You can find all of the information on their website, and if you’d like to tour the museum you can schedule a tour via phone or email.
We did not tour the museum, nor were there any events taking place today, so… what drew us to this particular location on a day where the buildings were closed and there was nothing going on? I’ll give you one guess.

You Already Know

Did you guess HIKING TRAILS??? Ding ding ding!! You are correct! The park has over six miles of hiking trails, and they go through beautiful woodlands as well as the scenic countryside. See the trail map included in the Instagram post above. I took photos of landmarks and circled my route on the map that I’ll gladly share with anyone who wants the info.

Pro Tip

This particular trail seems to have areas that loop but can also go for miles and miles. My advice to you, especially with young kids, is just hike for a bit and turn around. We hiked for about an hour total and it was the perfect length and skill level for the kids.
This place is about as simple as it gets. No playground, kids’ area, or anything fancy. My kids’ favorite part, I kid you not, was a tree stump carved into a “chair” next to the parking lot. They also enjoyed sticks, mud, rocks, and snow. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, kids don’t need fancy! Just get out there and enjoy nature 😃.

Address: 12985 Frederick Rd West Friendship, MD 21794


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