Review: Classic Plastic Bricks

Last month we checked out Classic Plastic Bricks, a Lego store in Old Ellicott City. It’s a one-stop Lego shop. They sell new and used Lego bricks and sets.

Our kids just got their first Lego sets this Christmas. We heard about this store and figured we would give it a shot. There was a deal to fill up a large tumbler cup with bricks for $5. The kids had a blast digging through mounds of Lego & building mini-figures. I have to admit I was intimidated by the ‘adult Lego fanatics’. I wanted to make sure the kids wouldn’t get ‘boxed out’ at the counter by grown men. To my surprise, the visit and people there were great.

We started across the street at the Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum to check out the Lego Holiday train display while we waited for the store to open. That was amazing in itself. Then we hopped to Classic Plastic Bricks. The owner, Todd, was awesome. He helped the kids with stools, moved some totes to a toddler’s height & even took our coats to hang them up. 

After digging through Lego bricks, we ate lunch on picnic tables right under the Ellicott City clock. It was a perfect Saturday morning. 

I’d highly recommend it for most ages. It’s a great way to have fun for a couple hours and only spend $5.