Why Howard County?

I have been a Howard County Dad since 2005. Like many young dads, I moved here because I felt Howard County was a great place to raise a family.  My wife, Elizabeth, and I live in Ellicott City with our daughters, Claire and Grace. For many years, being a dad in Howard County meant rushing from work to regular SAC practices and never missing a soccer game.  Claire graduated from Wilde Lake in 2014, and I still miss sitting on the sidelines for her Sunday afternoon games. Claire was accepted to several top universities and she was awarded substantial scholarship packages.  While her hard work and dedication deserve credit, I know that her background as an HCPS student carried a lot of weight through the application and admissions process. She is on track to graduate at the top of her class with an accounting degree from Salisbury University in December.

The Busy Work of Fatherhood

While Grace didn’t take up soccer, she keeps us busy with dance classes, recitals, and community involvement.  Like Claire, she is thriving at school and loves to call Howard County home. We have daily homework dates at 3:15–she keeps me on top of my math skills, and we are learning Spanish together.  She will move up to Marriotts Ridge in the fall, and I look forward to football games, college tours, and formal dances.

Serving the Community

When homework is done, we lend our fullest support to my wife’s campaign to become a judge of our Orphans’ Court.  We are having a great time meeting voters and educating Howard County on the importance of the Orphans’ Court. We love Howard County, and you can always find us out and about supporting local charities and businesses.  The sense of community here makes Howard County great, and I am proud to live here with my family.


Defining Today’s Howard County Dad

To me, being a dad in Howard County, or anywhere, means always putting my family first—whether it’s leaving for work at 4 a.m to be home before the school bus or sitting at B. Funk instead of watching Monday night football—my family always comes first.  Being a dad of girls means embracing shoe shopping and hair salons and going anywhere the girls want to go. I am excited to see a group of young dads who embody this and recognize the importance of putting their families and children first. You have my fullest support and I look forward to working with you for years to come.