On October 7th, we lucked out with one of the last hot days of the year. All the Dads and our kids had a blast playing disc golf, grilling hotdogs and enjoying Silver Creek Park all ourselves.

Brent putting on a clinic: Disc Golf Putting 101

Silver Creek Park

Brent did a great job of planning, teaching and executing. He exposed us to this hidden gem of a park. Though it’s 20 minutes away, it was the best place to allow the kids to freely play and occupy disc baskets as long as they pleased.

Disc Golf Lessons

The avid players took off and went around the course. Brent stayed back and taught lesson on the basics of disc golf and how to putt. Not just for the kids, but for dads too! He was able to keep everyone’s attention, teach a few, and entertain at once.

Grilling Dogs

After wildly running around the course, we sent the kids to the playground. Brent set up his portable propane grill and threw some hotdogs on & set up for a nice dads run picnic. We had the fixings, chips, water, juice and some tunes. Red Truck Beef Jerky hooked us up with something to much on as well. It turned out to be a nice evening party as the sun started to set.

Towards the end of the course, there is a playground. Perfect place to hang out after throwing discs.

Thanks to the Sponsors

Red Truck Beef Jerky

Truck Beef Jerky brought the snacks! Jerky for the dads, meat sticks for the kids.

Thanks to Red Truck Beef Jerky for sponsoring this event and supplying a case of beef jerky and meat sticks. It was a handy snack to have out there in the park and on the playground.

Innova Discs

Innova Disc Golf Giveaway items for Howard County Dads
Innova Disc Golf supplied the gear and swag for our disc golf giveaway.

Thank you to Innova Discs sponsoring our outing by sending us prizes for this event. We gave out some disc golf swag to 4 dads and it was much appreciated.

Everyone had a blast throwing discs, running around, and just having fun together.

A Great Outing in the Books

This was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon outdoors, 80 degrees and sunny. Have you ever tried disc golf? Be sure to come out to our next event where we’re always looking for new things to expose to kids and dads together.


Jeff Schneider · November 6, 2018 at 7:48 am

That was an awesome day! I am planning to do the same type of thing for Ultimate Frisbee in the summer 2019!

    Josh Benson · November 6, 2018 at 8:44 am

    Oh, Ultimate Frisbee is a great idea Jeff! I wanted to thank you for being such a big part of the group this summer and fall.
    Events like the disc golf and the fall foliage walk are great examples of how we can take this platform and use it to share ways to get outside with our kids in new ways.

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