With my daughter’s strict diet, making baby food was our best option. The Infantino Squeeze Station makes this chore much easier to live with. Infantino gave us one to giveaway. Sign up below.

Squeeze Station and Pouches

Having a baby with food allergies and that is transitioning to real food has been especially difficult. Buying premade and prepackaged organic baby food that contains doesn’t include a food she is allergic to meets her dietary needs is a combination she enjoys and doesn’t break the bank is extremely difficult. Not to mention all of the added sugars and preservatives. However, with the Infantino Squeeze Station and Squeeze Pouches, having baby food that is tailored to my daughter’s nutritional needs and tastes is a breeze.

Infantino Squeeze Station [Amazon.com]

How it Works

You set up the Infantino squeeze station by sliding the pouches onto the station and screwing the tube onto the pouch. Next, just fill the tube with your homemade organic baby food and using the press to squeeze the baby food into the pouch. Afterwards, remove the filled pouch and add a lid. Just be careful to keep your teething little one away from the lids. The kit also comes with a reusable pouch and spoon attachment. With my oldest, he really loved the spoon attachment, but my youngest enjoys eating it straight from the top of the pouch.

Infantino Squeeze Station  Review

You’re in Control

Since you control everything in the pouch, you can control the thickness, texture, and consistency of the food. When my daughter first started baby food, we mixed in breast milk and made it a thinner consistency and a smoother texture. Now that she is older and started to eat more, we stopped mixing in breast milk and make it thicker. It has made for an easy transition from baby cereal to real food. I try to pick fruits and vegetables that are in season and locally grown. One week we even used apples picked at the apple orchard. Since the pouches can be frozen, you can make a large batch of organic baby food using in-season fruits and vegetables and freeze them until you need them.

Everyone Helps Out

Sometimes, we make the baby food preparation into a family event by involving our four year old. He helps with the food prep, loves loading the tubes, and using the press to fill the pouches. Since everything is dishwasher safe, it makes clean up even easier. You can hand wash everything or just pop off the bottom of the station to fit it into the top rack of your dishwasher.

A Bit Less Hectic

The disposable pouches are really convenient for on the go. I can just throw them in the diaper bag or lunchbox and toss them after use. We have taken them to daycare, Grandma’s house for a sleep over, or on family adventures. The reusable one is good for at home and minimizes how many disposable pouches you need to purchase.

The Reusable Squeeze Pouch

Since everything is very compact, storage isn’t an issue. Everything packs away into a small box that can easily be stored until your next trip to the apple orchard or farmers market.

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Wow!! Homemade Baby Food is very essential for every parents their baby. Thanks a lot Shawn for sharing such an informative article. I have gotten much information and You are inspiring me for baby care. I’m sure most people can take notes from this article. One thing most people lack experience when feeding their baby. I hope your all information will help me and my elder sister’s daughter.

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