My favorite picture of my dad.

What is something you remember that your dad did for you, or just something great about your relationship with your dad?

One of my favorite memories was sometimes joining my dad for his weekly dinner outing with 3 of his closest friends. They met every Tuesday for like 25 years. As a kid it was my chance to see men talking about the world, their problems, argue and see each other’s perspective. A first-generation Norwegian, a white male who’s family originally was German, a Columbian, and my dad who was born in India. They by no means saw eye to eye about the world but they learned from each other and respected their differences. They loved each other as brothers and always took care of each other in times of need. Relationships like that are few and far between…and it taught me a ton about being a man and a father in this world.

Family picture at my wedding. Right to left: my brother, dad, mom, myself

Let’s hear from you

What’s something that you remember your dad or father-figure doing for you that you just know you’ll never forget? Comment below. We’re already seeing great stories come in on our Facebook Group. Chime in there, or comment below.


Alex · July 26, 2019 at 11:55 am

Growing up in a divorced family, I always looked forward to spending time with my dad. One thing that I I will always remember is him teaching me to play golf. We spent much of our time together golfing. This shared hobby grew into love and led me to becoming a golf professional- my first career before eventually becoming a full time real estate agent. Life and work now seem to consume most of my time but I still try to play as much as possible. I also look forward to creating similar memories for my sons Leo (4) and Henry (coming soon) with Dad.

Josh Benson · August 16, 2019 at 2:53 pm

Wow, congrats on the baby coming. Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing making those memories and teaching things they that will stick with them for life.

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