Basketball Build Project
Basketball Build Project

Recently, Lowe’s has started offering build projects for kids on the second Saturday of each month. These are simple, fun projects made to get your kids used to using tools and following directions to build something of their own (and get you into the store).

Normally, they supply all the tools necessary to complete the project. When we were there the first month, they had brand new little hammers that included a tool to hold the nail in place. This month, because of the issues of Covid-19 and the push for social distancing, they cancelled the in-store build and offered the projects to take home.

In this build, I had my kids (Caden, 6 and Ashlynn, 4) use their own tools. They each have their own toolbox, fully stocked with the finest supplies available at the dollar store and Harbor Freight (hat tip to Josh and Brent for recommendations on those sources). But for this, all that was needed was a hammer.

So, let’s get started!

Intro to the build

After a little bit of a struggle getting the post onto the base, they started really enjoying it. I try to let them struggle for a bit before helping them when I can. I’ve found with my own adventures in woodworking that the times when I struggle and make mistakes is when I learn the most. So I let them figure it out as well, but jump in before frustration hits.

Mounting the scoreboard wheels

After mounting the scoreboard wheels, they moved on to attaching the backboard to the post. I had to jump in here and show my son how to hold it on the edge of the workbench, because he had it all on the surface and was going to try to hammer it in all at different angles. Once I showed him that, my daughter picked up on it and it was smooth sailing.

Finishing attaching the backboard

The last step is to attach the rim. This required a little more precision than the rest of the build, but Caden got it on without any help. Ashlynn needed a little help to position it, but was able to get it nailed in herself.

Attaching the rim

After that, it was all done! They got to practice shooting some hoops, which seemed the hardest part for them.

All finished!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the build process in action, and a big thank you to the Columbia Lowe’s for supplying the kits! Hopefully we’ll get back to normal soon and can have some meetups at the build sessions.

I am also planning an independent HoCo dads build project. In January, I took the kids to the Baltimore Wood Show, and they made big, heavy duty toolboxes that they love. I’d like to do a build session to make those this summer.


J. Marvel · March 18, 2020 at 9:23 am

Home Depot also cancelled their kids workshop (first Saturday of every month), and I suspect they’ll be doing that again for April. My daughter and I have been working on a couple small furniture projects from to help pass the time while everything is closed.

    Joe Russo · March 18, 2020 at 9:28 am

    That’s great! Ana White has a ton of great projects and detailed instructions. I also like Steve Ramsey at . He doesn’t have as many projects as Ana White, but he has some cool ones that will really challenge your skills.

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