Infantino let us know they had a new carrier available and wanted to send it to the HoCo Dads. We reached out to dads with little ones and found the Arpasi family to give the Infantino In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier a try in exchange for their opinion. Here is their feedback.

Overall Takeaway

The In Season 5 Layer Ergonomic Carrier is best for children age 2 and younger. Don’t let this carrier intimidate you. There are a lot of parts to it but that is just because there are a lot of features.

Q: How long did you use the product/service? Describe the learning curve for using it.

A: After using it for just over a week, we know all the features. There is not a huge learning curve. I will say when our little one is ready to be in a different position I will probably have to look up how exactly to do it.

Q: What did you enjoy most?

A: The versatility. I especially like that I can flip the top portion down so the carrier doesn’t block the baby’s face. There are also pockets for your keys/phone.
It is a gray neutral color which I like. It smelled and looked new.

Q: Is there anything you didn’t like or that could be improved?

A: When I first opened the carrier, it was a bit overwhelming. There were a lot of things attached to the carrier. It wasn’t obvious how to work it and so I just let it sit there for a while.

Q: Provide a detailed review of the setup process.

A: I needed to watch a video a couple of times to figure out all the features of the carrier. Because it can be used in different types of weather there are many layers. You have to roll up each layer, tuck it, and close the opening. Besides for the weather layers this carrier can be used in 3 positions wearing the baby in front (with the carrier fully extended and baby facing in, with the top part clipped down and the baby facing in, and with the baby facing out) and one position on the back). Before putting the baby in the carrier you clip the belt around your waist. You then put the baby in and clip the top portion on your back and tighten it. For the size of my baby, I wore him on my front with him facing in. I clipped the part down so that I could see his face. It was a cold morning so I then unrolled the layer, not the left and the layer on the right and then clipped them. This made it very warm for my baby. I also had the option to cover him with the wind/rain cover if I needed to.

Are you a baby carrier dad?

Leave us a comment below. What’s been your experience with baby carriers and what’s the best circumstance/situation when they really come in handy?

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