Here is a pandemic survival tip for families. Backyard Swapping is when you visit another family’s yard to enjoy their games, toys, and play sets one day while the host family cheers from a distant window or patio.

Our backyard zip line that we shared

Invite a family in your backyard

We spent the summer packing our yard with different attractions and activities as if we had our own amusement park. We reached out to another family and offered them to enjoy our zip line before we take it down for the winter.

Host families watch from inside & cheer

They jumped at the idea. Our family cheered them on from the deck above as their friends zoomed across the yard on the zip line. It was great for both the visiting family and our family as hosts.

Then, Swap

The big surprise was when that family reached out and reciprocated the offer! Their kids came up with an idea to make a scavenger hunt in their backyard that our family could enjoy. How awesome and creative!?

Our backyard archery range

Worth trying out? Chime in

There you have it. Backyard Swapping! Add it to the urban dictionary & consider teaming up with a family you haven’t been able to see in person.
Have you done anything like this? There are lots of things to offer as a host family. Check out our past “backyard activity ideas” for inspiration.