The original ambition of Jurassic Park was to create a drive-thru experience of up-close dinosaurs. Who knew COVID would bring us a Dino Safari? This drive-thru dinosaur exhibit is currently at National Harbor. We checked it out this weekend.

Dino Safari Entrance

What is Dino Safari?

It’s a drive-thru display of dinosaurs that’s currently at the National Harbor. Check the details.

Safety Precautions

You can’t get much safer than this. Our family has to minimize the risk of exposure for the safety of my son. It’s one of the reasons we’ve signed up for any and all drive-in & drive-thru entertainment we can find. It’s set up in a big parking lot and you have to stay in the car the whole time.

Things to Know

  • Bathrooms: there are portapotties at the beginning and end, but not many places to stop during the driving tour.
  • Duration: it took us about an hour to drive through everything.
  • Audio Tour: the audio that goes with the tour is available from their website. So, have a device set up ready to play when you begin.
  • Snacks: I didn’t see popcorn or snacks for sale until the end. Bringing your own popcorn (as we did) is a good plan.
  • It’s only in town until April 11th.

The Egg Toss

The highlight for our kids was an egg toss that they added for fun. The kids got to chuck a t-rex (plastic Easter) egg into a nest (sandbox).


Dino Safari was a fun reason to get out of the house and break up the usual schedule. It gave us something to do for about 3 hours (45 min driving each way from Ellicott City). While the displays are probably best at night, it gets dark late this time of year so go with whatever works for your family. These days it’s just nice to actually look forward to something. Seeing some cool dinosaurs and learning some fun facts were nice too.