A Great Birthday Surprise: Skipping School for Video Games

On my son’s 8th birthday, he wanted to go to an arcade. Instead of going out, we surprised him with a rental from Game Truck Howard County. When the kids saw it, their reaction was priceless! In this article, I’ll detail the experience, my kids’ review, & the COVID safety precautions taken.
Disclaimer: we paid for the rental at a discounted rate in exchange for this honest review.

So excited that they passed out!!!??

What We Got

We rented a trailer full of video games for 2 hours. You can have up to 10 people (during the pandemic) in the game truck at a time, but we restricted it to our household, (2 parents, two kids). It had a long sofa on one side and lots of TVs, consoles, and controllers on the other side.

How it Works

They called a few days in advance to learn more about what games we liked & which game ratings were allowed (Everyone, Teen, Mature). They prepped by having our preferences loaded in the systems. The day of, the host called to let me know he was on the way. Once parked right outside the house, he set up, turned on heaters, and did a thorough cleaning 30 min before the start time.

The side windows opened up and that helped keep fresh air in the truck & a way for the employee to lend a hand while offering ample space. He gave everyone hand sanitizer whenever we got in the truck & kept his distance, but was he stayed close enough to answer questions, swap out games, and help the kids with gameplay & menus. He was really helpful.

“This was the best birthday ever!”

That was the goal & we reached it this year, even with COVID restrictions. The kids had a blast and wanted to make it a tradition for every birthday from now on (not happening). What have you done to celebrate birthdays?