There is something cool about putting on a costume and hopping around an amusement park. Dutch Wonderland is one of our favorite parks for kids, but how is their Halloween celebration?

We are planning a dads trip to Dutch Wonderland Happy Hauntings for October 20th at 2:00 PM. If you plan on going, buy tickets online and use promo code halloweenblog18.

Getting There

The Lego Family is all ready to take on Dutch Wonderland Happy Hauntings!

Dutch Wonderland usually opens at 10:00, but it has different hours for Happy Hauntings. It’s only on weekends and the park doesn’t open until 2 PM. We headed up after lunch and let them nap in the car.


The rides were all renamed to add to the spooky theme. The Frog Hopper was renamed to The Bug Catcher. Pennsylvania Turnpike cars were Transilvania Turnpike Cars. They even updated the park map with all the new names.

Dutch Wonderland Happy Hauntings ride names were changed.
The rides were renamed to match Happy Hauntings’ spooky theme

Trick or Treating

In the park area called Exploration Island, the Prehistoric Path was converted to Trick or Treat Trail. It’s a lightly wooded area with 20 dinosaurs and their families.

My sons and I were most excited to do the trick or treating. These mechanical dinosaurs were all dressed up in costumes. Each stop had a worker dressed to match that dino’s theme and giving out candy to children.

Adults get a ticket to for one piece of candy at a station of their choice. This made one big sad daddy lego brick. I was banking on a chocolate binge. On the brighter side, the kids really enjoyed it & there were about 10 pieces of candy given per kid. This was more than our 4 & 5-year-olds needed anyway.

Great Time Had By All

Overall, we had a good time. It wasn’t as packed as you would find on a summer Saturday, so we were able to get on our favorite rides without much waiting time in the first couple of hours. It did get busier after 4 PM.
We really enjoy this park for our kids while they’re still young. It’s big enough to entertain, but not overwhelming. Check out our full review on Dutch Wonderland here.

Full disclosure: We received tickets to Dutch Wonderland in exchange for my honest review and opinions.

Are You Going?

Did you go or are you going? Let us know in the comments!