When we let Infantino know that we liked their Squeeze Station, they also sent us their new GaGa Musical Soother & Night Light Projector to get our opinion.

Infantino GaGa Musical Soother & Night Light Projector Review, Howard County Dads


When my wife and I became first-time parents, we quickly realized our necessity for a night light and soothing machine. We were excited when we first saw it because it perfectly matched the theme of our son’s nursery. It arrived just as we were transitioning him from our room to his crib. The night light’s mother and baby fox are an adorable design.


It was rather difficult to unbox and to get it working properly. The base of the night light is secured to the packaging by a few black plastic braces and these braces also prevent the night light from exiting “demo mode”. So make sure that all of the black plastic pieces are removed to get it fully functioning.

Up and Running

Once we got it working, we were anxious to try it out in the nursery! We like that the device does not plug in because that means there are no cords to cause problems and clutter up the room. This does mean that it relies on batteries, but they have lasted long and haven’t died on us yet.

Infantino GaGa Musical Soother & Night Light Projector Review, Howard County Dads

The Features


We love the songs and sounds that the night light plays. It features 5 different songs and 3 nature sounds. They are each very soothing and comforting. There are two volume settings as well as a button to manually scroll through the song/sound options. The sounds will automatically turn off after 20 minutes. 


The fanning movement of the mother fox’s tail brings the motion to the light projection, producing a living starscape that climbs the walls and ceiling. The visual scene intends to promote visual interest and encourage eye tracking and focus. A button located on the side of the mother fox does allow for use of the projector with or without the moving tail.
The night light projector works well, however, it does not emit enough light for middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. The fanning tail is a fun feature, however, a portion of the orange tail fan often catches on the other 3 fans. It gets stuck toward the end of the fanning movement.

Infantino GaGa Musical Soother & Night Light Projector

Too Much Stimulation

We began using the night light when our son was about 5 months old and he is almost 6 months old now. He is currently distracted by anything and everything, especially movement and sounds. So at this phase, we’re unable to make great use the moving lights feature. On the other hand, we imagine the motion and projector would be perfect for naptime and for helping babies to fall asleep on their own.

A Nice Surprise

The night light includes a little removable glowing baby fox too! It lights up when you take it off the base and automatically turns off on its own when you put it back on the base, or after 20 minutes. The baby fox is made of a hard plastic and a little heavy for little hands, so we have not allowed our son to sleep with it. However, our son loves to play with it as we are getting ready for bed and getting dressed for the day.

Infantino GaGa Musical Soother & Night Light Projector Review, Howard County Dads
The baby fox detaches for a glowing snuggle buddy!


Though there are some aspects of the product that do not work well for us, the Infantino Musical Soother & Night Light Projector is very appealing and it is clear that this could be a magical necessity in a baby’s nursery.

The Pros

It is very visually appealing, there is no cord, the size is not too large, and it has several soothing song/sound options.

The cons

It has the potential to cause over-stimulation, batteries may be an issue for some parents, and it doesn’t emit enough light for the middle of the night activities.

The Bottom Line

This has been an enjoyable and great product to review. Our son has certainly enjoyed it. It appears to straddle a fine line between a fun toy that excites our son and a tool for soothing during the bedtime process. Personally, this is a great device for some kids, but I would not necessarily recommend for children that get overstimulated at night.

How Does Your Kid Sleep?

Comment below! Do your kids sleep with lots of lights, movement and soothing sounds? Or are they light sleepers that do better in a peaceful and calm bedroom?