Kids. Those nasty germ carriers are like walking petri dishes. We gladly found Soap-Caps, a fun hand wash timer for soap dispensers. Read our review and sign up for a chance to win your own. 

Our Struggle

My boys (ages 4 & 5) just pee and walk away. Flush? Nah. Wash hands? Yeah, right! Off they go, skipping on their merry way to infect the world. They’re so resistant to wash their hands, they would rather not go to the bathroom. They use the urinal with their hands behind their ears, posing like a gyrating WWE wrestler.

A Solution, Soap-Caps!

Soap-Caps handwash timers go on top of your soap dispenser. When they’re pushed, they play a tune for 20 seconds, the recommended duration for cleaning your hands.

We reached out to them and got a few to review and give away to our dads. They sent baseball themed ones. They’re little baseball hat shaped toppers for soap dispensers. When you press the top, it plays “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.

Our baseball hat Soap-Cap

The Results

The response was great. Much like when we discovered the Magic Timer to get kids to brush their teeth, the kids were excited to use these. In fact, our biggest regret was not having enough. We were reduced to using just one bathroom all the time because they wanted to use the bathroom with Soap-Caps. Washing their hands wasn’t a repeated conversation of nagging and complaining.

What Didn’t Work

I highly recommend getting these to encourage your kids to wash their hands, but be sure to not use them on really wide or round pumps. We had a hard time installing them on our soap dispensers because our pump heads were really wide. After a couple of months, we actually stretched the cap too much and it popped. Immediately the hand hygiene in our house dropped. So it shows their effectiveness, but you need to have narrow pump heads to start with.

Can You Relate?

Comment below. What have you done to get your kids to wash their hands? If you’re still figuring it out, give Soap-Caps a try. They have a few options: smiley faces, baseball caps, and a Santa hat with a holiday jingle (good for the festive adults too).

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1 Comment

Joe · December 7, 2018 at 8:51 am

Although I hate to constantly rely on tech solutions for getting the kids to do the basic things, I’m going to try this one out. Even if they get bored of it after a few weeks or months, it might help to ingrain some habits. The magic timer lasted about a year for them before they didn’t want it anymore, but it seems to have helped with the idea of brushing for two minutes each time.

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