Bringing fathers together to foster an accepting and supportive network and build camaraderie among dads

  • Fantasy Football League, sign up now
    Hey Dads, join our fantasy football league on Sleeper! $40 entry fee. If we get 10 people, 300 to first, 60 for second. 40 for third. If we get 12, then we will adjust. Trophy to winner. Draft date is TBD.
  • This Weekend: DCE is Back, Fishing Derby is On, Dad & Me Nail Party
    As the pandemic is turning a corner, we’re excited to be running full speed into June. We’ve got a Dads-Only event, Daddy & Me Fishing Derby, & a great outing for Girl-Dads to check out. What are your plans this weekend? Leave a comment. Dads Chasing Excellence is Back If […]
  • Being the Father Your Kids Deserve [Testimonial Tuesday]
    “Whether you’re heavily involved or an occasional observer of the Howard County Dads organization, the impact can be felt hard. Just knowing this active group exists gives you inspiration and motivation to be the dad your children expect and deserve. If nothing else it’s a great way to collect tips […]
  • 5 Things to Improve Your Virtual Learning Workstations
    HCPSS says we’re in this for the long haul. Our students will be virtual at least until April, so it’s worth making your kids’ workstation as comfortable as possible. Brent and I have some tips on getting essentials for your setup. Have any virtual learning victory items? Hopefully, your kids […]
  • Advice for New Dads
    Be There Recognize fatherhood as the most important job you will have. Study after study reports a father’s involvement as a major contributing factor in a person’s successful academic, health, financial and mental development. Being in the same room on your phone doesn’t count. Get down there and help build […]
  • My Spring & Summer as a (fake) Stay-at-Home Dad
    2020 has shaken up life schedules in an unprecedented way. I have been posing as a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) with everything shutdown. I gained a lot of respect for the dads that have been doing it all along. Surviving the spring and summer both more tough and amazing than I […]
  • Home Schooling Tip: Google Meet Permission Errors
    For those parents who have kids at HCPSS and are getting permissions errors in Chrome or on Chromebooks clicking Google Meet or G Suite on the page, I finally figured out how to resolve this issue. The Problem: The issue here is that kids can’t open these links with […]
  • Dreambox Pro Tip: Get parent access and reports
    We’re all figuring out this distance learning thing. I was looking for more insight into how my elementary students were doing with their virtual math classwork. I found a feature called the Dreambox Family Dashboard and is pretty simple to set up. Set Up Parent Access Here’s the quick how-to: […]
  • Level Up: Keeping the Kids Active
    Here are 5 ways the HoCo Dads have been keeping the whole family moving while practicing social distancing. Then we’ll share a quick fire list provided by Howard County Office of Children and Families. 1. Just Dance on YouTube Yes, the games we all had on Nintendo Wii in 2009. […]
  • Expecting soon? Build a family photo studio for under $100
    How I built a beginner photo studio while expecting our first born I can’t imagine the anxiety of an expecting parent right now. If you need an ear, we’re always here (email). What I can offer is a project to channel that energy – a starter photo studio for cheap. […]
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